Grand Cards: No, Not Yet!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No, Not Yet!

Jaybee tipped me off to doomsday.  2010 Topps is, to some degree, out.  Preliminary search reveals:

I have no problem with these cards per se, with one huge exception.  THEY'RE OUT TOO EARLY!  I can't handle a huge new Topps set yet.  My budget can't handle it.  My capacity to figure out what Tigers are in the set, what the inserts and parallels are, and what the retail exclusives (like the Cobb) are, can't handle it.  I really could have used another few weeks.

Oh well, I guess that 2010 has started in earnest.

Actually, I have another gripe.  I like the 1951 Topps Red Back set that the Cobb is modeled after, but this is TY COBB, folks, and you're going to have him "fly out" on the card?  Are you serious?


  1. Ah, you were only supposed to get one more week anyway. :) I'm happy the 2010 cards will be showing up soon so I'll be less tempted to waste money on the mediocre leftovers of 2009.

  2. I still haven't picked up a jumbo box of 2009 Updates and Highlights. Maybe the release of 2010 will cause that to drop a little bit so that I can finish that up before I start 2010.

  3. i'll take my time with series 1. it's shaping up to be tons of tigers that aren't on the team anymore. the last thing i need right now is to see curtis in the old english D. my wounds have healed. stop picking at the scab topps!

    but there is some hope, a tigers prospect... BRENT DLUGACH is card #293.