Grand Cards: Some Chicle Advice Would Be Nice

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Chicle Advice Would Be Nice

I'm in a bit of a pickle. From the scans I've seen, I like Chicle. No, I'm not going to make this entire post rhyme. I really am in a pickle.

This time.


So here's the thing: I'm collecting the Tigers team set, as I am wont to do for anything that looks remotely nice. See: Goudey, A&G, Masterpieces etc. The problem is that the Tigers have only 8 cards in the set. Of those, Cabrera and Dlugach are drawn horribly, and I'm hit or miss on the Verlander. We're talking about an aesthetic success rate that is under 65%.

Meanwhile, there are other cards in the set that I think are stunningly awesome. Seems to me as thought this is the recipe for set collection, right?

The last time I collected a set was 2008 Masterpieces. I bought two blasters and was so frustrated with collation (50% doubles in Blaster 2) that I just said screw it and bought the whole set on eBay. So I have the set, yet it holds little emotional weight.

Contrast that to 2007 Masterpieces, which I also collected "the old fashioned way" and have fond memories of. Still, even with the whole process behind me, it sits is a binder next to 2008, relatively unlooked at.

So the dilemma I have is one part "should I collect this set" and one part "geez, I can get the base set for $19.99 and I really like a lot of the cards, so should I just buy it?"

And honestly, I don't know. So for the moment, I need some advice from someone--anyone--who has seen these cards in person.

How are they? How do they feel? How do they look? Shine? Fall? Display?

The appealing part of this set to me is the original art variation throughout. It doesn't stand to get boring or monotonous throughout the course of the cards. The downside is that some of the cards are plain ugly, but if they are a minority I can get by it.

What I'd like to do is go out and buy a pack of Chicle to see for myself, but I haven't been able to do that yet. In the meantime, I'll just rely on the lot of you.

What do you think of National Chicle?


  1. Chicle rhymes with pickle?


    I've been saying chee-clay.

  2. That would definitely be the correct spanish pronunciation, but given that this harkens to an American brand from the 30's I doubt that we were so cognizant of international dialects.

    My logic was, as a kid I would eat chiclets (Chick-Lets)-the little square gum. One of those would be a "chick-let", I just dropped the T and went with "Chick-L".

    Wikipedia agrees apparently, but admits that the native pronunciation is exactly as you say.

  3. I haven't seen Chicle in person and I probably won't see it until 2 or 3 weeks after the fortunate types, but I almost never recommend buying the whole set.

    I know that's the fiscally responsible way to go, but the times I've bought entire sets, I've had no connection with them. There are sets I bought over 20 years ago and I've rarely looked at them. Collecting is about the experience.

  4. I bought a complete set once (2008 SP Authentic). I thought it was a cool idea at the time, but I couldn't care less about it now.

    However, I also don't collate sets because of the cost. I'd just stick to acquiring the Tigers team set, and if you like them get your feet wet... that'd be the best bet... too meet your collecting desires yet... so yeah, just go for the team set.

  5. My shop owner pronounced Chick-L, and shop owners are always right, right?

    I have seen a few box breaks on you tube and not terribly impressed, they all look like everything we have seen before with artistic it does not appear that there are any inserts or variations that really stand out.

    What I am going to do is my one page dealio where I just choose my nine favorite and slide em into a binder sleeve. Take the best of the best from single pack purchases and then hit up ebay for an auto or two, but overall, nothing is screaming "gotta have the product NOW"!