Grand Cards: Turning Country Time into Minute Maid

Friday, April 16, 2010

Turning Country Time into Minute Maid

aka Turning Lemonade into...Better Lemonade. You come up with a better phrase for turning a good situation into a better situation.

Anyway, that is what I am dubbing the latest development with my collection. As you might recall, I recently initiated the break-up of my Granderson collection through the sale of two cards. One of these was an autographed 1/1 printing plate that I had always kind of liked but would have spent its days in a box never to be looked at or admired. Also, it was ugly. So, I traded it.

Sure, I sold it, but it basically amounted to a trade and my return card came in the mail yesterday.


For This:
2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers #ROA-AK Al Kaline Autograph

I'd say I got a pretty good deal.

I also think that that card will fit nicely alongside these in my new Heritage Auto/Relic collection:

Yessss. The Plan, she is progressing nicely.


  1. Um, not to hurt the other guy's feelings but, you definitely made out on your end.

    Those Heritage autos are just gorgeous, in my opinion.

    Really hoping Javy Vazquez gets into at least ONE Heritage auto checklist sometime soon.

  2. Just to clarify, I didn't actually trade cards. I sold one on ebay and used the money to buy the other (and had money left over). So, nobody got the raw end of the deal and everybody left happy!

  3. Hey, is this Kaline for trade or sale??