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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'll Be Waiting

Humph, December 26th seems like a long time to wait. But lo! The miracles of modern technology:
@topps_support: The Following 2010 Topps T206 Redemptions Will be sent out SOON: Cal Ripken, Dustin Pedoria, Rick Porcello, Shin Soo Choo

Soon sounds like October or so. SOON sounds like any day now which, awesome.

I'm glad that this was @topps_support and not that unreliable @toppscards fellow who spouts off with nonsense like this:
@GrandCards Sorry for the delayed response. The T206 hat cards (SPs) do have bronze and mini parallels.
@GrandCards Jackson may have been a redemption in T206. I know he signed late. I don't have the list yet.

Um, no. SP Minis and Bronzes and Austin Jackson autographs don't exist until I see one. Anywhere. Just one. If you need to send me these cards to prove their existence then so be it. So is Topps Support to be trusted, or am I stuck waiting for a card that is scheduled to arrive on the most anticlimactic day of the year to receive a gift?

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