Grand Cards: Brightening an off-day

Friday, April 1, 2011

Brightening an off-day

An off day already? What a letdown. Also, I'd really like for Opening Day to be a singular monster where all the teams are playing all at once and I struggle to keep my head on straight in a full day of baseball overload bliss.

Oh well.

It's a cold, rainy friday and I need something to lift my spirits:

A friend of mine was upgrading his collection and didn't have use for this nice little glass case. This allowed me to move my autographs from individual ball cubes in a cabinet to this little fella.

A lot of nice memories in that case. The perfect warm-up on a crummy off-day.

Update: to answer a question from the comments, the "subjects" on each ball, from left to right, Top to bottom:

Top Row: Monte Irvin, Yogi Berra, Ernie Banks, Harmon Killebrew, Duke Snider
Middle Row: Cal Ripken/Tony Gwynn, Sparky Anderson, Hank Greenberg, Al Kaline, Cal Ripken
Bottom Row: Bobby Doerr, Lee MacPhail, Carlton Fisk, 2006 WS (Granderson, Polanco, Thames, Inge, Robertson, Monroe), Curtis Granderson


  1. Who are all the auto's?

  2. Great question--updated post with the key

  3. Hang onto that one with Inge's autograph. Will be worth a lot of money some day!