Grand Cards: What's Wrong With This Picture?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

It's not of Brandon Inge hitting a walk-off home run!

Also, something else. Take a look...

Alright. Who's got it?

Answer after the jump...

Brandon Inge "The Pitcher" is the bottom card.  Look, I get it, he kind of looks like he's in a pitching motion, so if you were perhaps playing some sort of game, or participating in a contest where you were entirely unfamiliar with names or faces of players and had to name their position based on the picture, then I get it.

But this is Brandon Inge, currently the longest tenured player in Detroit.  I think listing him as a pitcher is just a wee bit silly, no?

Anyway, the misprint card is his regular card from 2010 Topps (#68).  The correct(ed) card is from the 2010 Tigers Team Set (#DET5).

This also perhaps to be the worst picture of Inge that I've ever seen, and may be one of the ugliest action photographs ever taken.  The position mislabeling just adds insult to injury.

What remains unknown is whether Topps actually corrected this error in the Factory Sets later in the year, does anybody know?  Is there a #68B I should know about?


  1. I have the misprint card, and I know what the error is, but I'm going to give everyone else a chance to answer before I spoil the party.

  2. The second card shows his position as "P".