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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Card Cameos: Beware The Cameo Wormhole

Brace yourselves.

In my big box o' christmas goodies, I was able to find a couple of nice Tigers cameo cards from the early 90s that came as a pleasant surprise such as this nice little shot of Sweet Lou:
1994 Stadium Club #236 Juan Bell featuring Lou Whitaker

In contrast to many of the cameo shots I like--crucial action shots, nice Tigers pictures, unexpected player situations or pairings--this card is great for one reason and one reason alone: Juan Bell. I think the picture of him says it all. As a cameo shot then, this is pretty bland. Lou Whitaker is partially in frame, in a situation that doesn't appear to make much sense for a second baseman--is he putting down a tag? No. Why isn't Bell Sliding? What is going on here? The result is that we get a little bit of Lou and some flip-up sunglasses, but nothing to write home about.

So then why the cameo post? Please take your anti-head-asplode pills now.

1994 Pinnacle #281 Lou Whitaker

Heads intact?

Two cards. Same year. Two different brands. Same Two Players. Reverse Cameos. The wormhole has opened.


  1. Pretty cool. How did you notice that?

  2. I noted the first card over christmas when I was digging through boxes for Tigers cards and pulled out a few cameo cards. I remembered it because of Juan Bell's ridiculous facial expression. Then, just a week ago I got a bunch of cards from the Collective Troll from this era, and when I saw the Whitaker one, there was Juan Bell! Then I pulled them out side-by-side to examine them (When I first saw the second card I thought/hoped that they were both from the same release) when the wormhole opened right before my eyes!

  3. Here's a thought. These might be from the same game, and we might be able to verify it. The Stadium Club pic looks like Bell is trying to beat out a bunt, with Sweet Lou covering first. Anyone want to hit and determine which game that occurred in, and whether in the same game the Tigers turned a deuce to erase Bell from first base? Oh heck, I'll do it.

  4. I had that exact same thought--with the same scenario in mind, but just couldn't bring myself to look it up. Let me know what you find out!

  5. Not only the same game, but the same inning!

    Aug 15th, 1993. Det @ Mil.
    Bottom of the 8th
    Jaha doubles
    Bell singles to P (Bunt); Jaha to 3B
    Listach hits a sac fly, scoring Jaha. Bell stays put.
    Hamilton hits a ground ball, 5-4-3 double play.

    My instinct is that both pictures were taken by the same photographer. But I'm not up to investigating that.

    Note: there was another bunt single by Bell vs Det in Milwaukee that year: on August 13th. But, that bunt was up the 3B line with nobody on base and 1 out. In that scenario, it would be less likely that Lou would cover first base than in the August 15th game. With a man on second and no outs in the 8th inning of a 2-run game (Mil leading), the infield is likely to be looking for a sac bunt.

  6. Also, the Aug 15th game was a Sunday afternoon. The Aug 13th game was a Friday night. These pictures are clearly during daytime.