Grand Cards: A Special Note

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Special Note

Today marks my second wedding anniversary to my wonderful, beautiful wife. To celebrate, I will be taking the rest of the day off of blogging and state the following:

Thank you for putting up with bubble envelopes
and stacks of cards
and the hours I spend on this blog
and eBay
and listening when I talk to you about cards that I think are neat
and for humoring me with a smile and a "That is neat" response
and for sometimes actually being interested.

I love you. You are the best.

Happy Anniversary!


  1. Congratulations. May you two share many more happy years together.

  2. Congratulations, I get similar responses to cards from my wife.

  3. My very best to both of you! Congrats

  4. Congrats! I, too, get sympathy "that's nice" comments from the wife.

  5. Aww. Thanks babe! The bubble envelopes are definitely the worst! And while I am usually humoring you, some of your cards are in fact very neat. I like the tiny ones the best. I enjoy holding them between my thumb and forefinger and pretending that I am a giant.

  6. My wife has recently helped me w/ my blog and she too puts up with a lot...and baseball cards are just one of my hobbies! She also puts up w/ my collecting video games, comic books and toys! Sounds like you are just as lucky as I am! Congrats.