Grand Cards: What $13 Million Can Buy You

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What $13 Million Can Buy You

A Shortstop

A Third Baseman

A First Baseman

A Left Fielder

A Designated Hitter

And a Second Baseman:

Come to think of it Carlos, I'm dumbfounded too.


  1. I don't know how many Tigers games you have seen this season. I have en many and listened to the rest. Sizemore was having issues. many issues. he had to go.
    With a batting order of, Inge, Lard, Sizemore, and Everett, opposing pitchers had a nice break. Something HAD to be done.
    Guillen is like Damon in that he can spoil off pitch after pitch and run up a pitch count. He hits too. His contract is gigantic. Maybe he will feel like he has to earn the money. Hope so.

  2. You're absolutely right, and I don't mind the move at all. I think Guillen's bat is good enough that you need to find a place for him somehow. This is more a commentary on that contract. It is such a bad contract that the Tigers have been forced to play him in SIX different positions in three years just to get him in the game. That's brutal.

    I agree that Sizemore was overmatched and I think Guillen will fit in perfectly fine there. I'm just wondering what they do NEXT YEAR, considering the contract will still be active and he is definitely not a long-term solution at 2B.

  3. 13 freaking million next year. Maybe he will have a Magglio-ish revival. It has been great watching Mags return to form this season. lets hope he keeps it going.