Grand Cards: Happy Birthday to Max Scherzer!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Max Scherzer!

Scherzer turns 26 today, which is excellent, because I thought that he was a little older than that. See? Things are looking up.

He nearly celebrated by tossing a no-hitter on his Birthday eve, although his bid was broken up by a Grand Slam in the 6th yesterday. Which leads me to yesterday's crazy factoid of the night:

Yesterday Max Scherzer and the Tigers faced the Rays. Max Scherzer was traded to the Tigers for Edwin Jackson. Edwin Jackson threw a no hitter against the Rays last month. Jackson was previously traded from the Rays to the Tigers for Matt Joyce. Joyce hit the home run that broke up Scherzer's no-hitter last night. Matt Garza proceeded to no-hit the Tigers.

I'm pretty sure that this means that the Tigers somehow managed to throw a no-hitter, break up a no hitter and have one broken up all at the same time. The cat is both dead and alive.

No, I don't have the A&G Autographed Boxtopper above, but it is so cool and I want it so bad, that it definitely seemed worth showing.

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  1. When Lard was called for catcher interference, I knew it would unravel. Stupid LArd. If he can't throw out runners or hit 250, what's his use?