Grand Cards: Final Giveaway Winner and Contest Wrap Up

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Final Giveaway Winner and Contest Wrap Up

Sorry I'm late on this one today, lot of stuff going on.

And the winner is... Carl Crawford Cards for offering me the to-be oldest card in my collection! He'll be receiving the package of vintage cards with his other shipments. I was REALLY tempted by Mariner1, who offered me a bounty for my Pilots. However, there were only 2 Pilot in the lot and I didn't know how I would logistically modify the contest to account for their subtraction.

So, to Mariner1, if you're still willing to send the cards you offered for the Pilots AND if CarlCrawfordCards is willing to forego the Pilots, then we can do that. Both of you must comment though. (Ok, cool. Pilots go to Mariner1 with CCC getting the rest.)

As for the rest of the comment, here's the wrapup. Look for your name, your winnings and whether I still need your address. I will put it in caps and make you bold until you email it to me

AdamE: Non-Topps Red Sox
AnthonyK: Non-Topps Astros NEED ADDRESS
BA Benny: Topps Mets & Yankees NEED ADDRESS
Cam: Diamond Kings, Non-Topps Phillies & Royals, Topps Astros & O's
CarlCrawfordCards: Topps Rays, Non-Topps Rays, Vintage Lot
Dan I: Non-Topps Indians NEED ADDRESS
Dan II: Topps Phillies
Dayf: Non-Topps Braves, Topps Braves, Autograph Lot NEED ADDRESS
FanofReds: Non-Topps Reds and Pirates
Madding: Non-Topps Cardinals
Mariner1: Non-Topps Mariners
Mark's Ephemera: Topps Dbacks
mmmrhubarb: Non-Topps Twins, Topps Twins
Natscards: Non-Topps Nats/Expos, Topps Nats/Expos
Night Owl: Topps Dodgers
Play at the Plate: Non-Topps Rangers, Topps Rangers
Rod (Padrographs): Non-Topps Padres, Topps Padres
Roy: Topps Blue Jays NEED ADDRESS
Ryan: Non-Topps Orioles
The Brooklyn Met: Non-Topps Mets, Topps Giants
Thorzul: Non-Topps Brewers, Topps Brewers
TiedGame: Topps Mariners
Tunguska: Non-Topps Cubs, Topps Cubs
Vonscards: Topps Red Sox
Wicked Orteaga: Non-Topps Marlins, Topps Marlins & A's, Relic Lot NEED ADDRESS
Drew: Non-Topps Yankees

Let me know if there are any mistakes above. I'll be packing up and sending out cards in the next few days here, with the goal of having everything out the door before I leave for vacation at the end of next week.

I hope you all enjoyed the contest, that you enjoy your cards and I look forward to seeing what's headed my way!


  1. Man, the Pilots card is pretty sweet, but there's no way I can hold out on another team collector. If you and Mariner1 work something out send them his way!

    I'm glad the Newhouser will be going to a Tigers fan! I think you'll really, really dig it!

  2. Well, thank you very much! I would still be willing to send those Tigers for the Pilots. Mr. Crawford, you are a true gentleman. Maybe we can work something out as a way to say thank you.

  3. Emailed you my address. Thanks again man!