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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Great Grand Cards Trade Away: Last Day--Vintage

Ok, this will be the last of the giveaways. But first, Day 5's winners:

BA Benny: Mets & Yankees
Cam: Astros & O's
Dan: Phillies
Mark's Ephemera: Dbacks
Tunguska: Cubs
Night Owl: Dodgers
Dayf: Braves
Play at the Plate: Rangers
Thorzul: Brewers
Brooklyn Met: Giants
Natscards: Nationals/Expos
mmmrhubarb: Twins
Rod (Padrographs):Padres
WickedOrteaga: A's
TiedGame: Mariners
CarlCrawfordCards: Rays
Roy: Blue Jays

Ok great. If you haven't yet, please send me your address so that I can get your cards out. Also, if you "won" a team package and would like non-Topps cards of that team and they weren't claimed last week, I would be happy to add them to your shipment.

As for the final giveaway...
Today it's vintage. I have 25 vintage cards that I pulled from the Christmas motherload Years and conditions vary, but they are from the 60's, 70's and a little bit of 1980/81. There's a lot of variation from clean and crisp:

to Hall of Famers:

to just plain wonderful:

Most are non-descript very good condition cards of nobodies, with the few exceptions I've shown, a couple other exceptions and this, which is my favorite of the whole bunch and was just so jaw dropping that I had to take it:

I mean, can you discard Frank and Willie? You really can't. That is the only one that is beat up anywhere near that bad, just so you know.

Opening Bid One vintage Detroit Tigers cards. Must be pre-1980, the older the better, and if you have a specific card that you're offering it can only help you to list it. Uncertainty is death for me here. The winner will be the one that offers me either the single best card for the lot, or the best package of cards.

Good luck!

This contest will end at 5:30 tomorrow, with a wrap up post for the whole week of giveaways to follow at 6.


  1. 9 1977 Topps Tigers cards-
    Steve Grilli
    Aurelio Rodriguez
    Bruce Kimm RC
    Jim Crawford
    Jason Thompson
    Vern Ruhle
    Alex Johnson
    Ron Leflore
    Ray Bare
    These are in pretty good condition, especially the Ruhle and Leflore are excellent
    Bid for the Astros

  2. Can ou add the Marlins to the Topps giveaway....i left a comment for them also thanks!!

  3. 1970 Mike Kilkenny

    1971 Topps
    Ike Brown
    Norm McRae/Bob Reen
    Jim Northrup
    Fred Lasher
    Dick McAuliffe
    Jimmie Price
    John Hiller
    Don Wert

    1972 Topps
    Rookie Stars (#257)
    Tom Timmermann
    Team Photo
    Tony Taylor

    1973 Norm Cash
    1975 Jerry Moses

  4. If I win I will send an autographed Zach Miner and a serial numbered Alan Trammell for some of the unclaimed non-Topps teams.

  5. I got caught up in choosing a team. lol. so forget the bid for the astros thing.

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  7. I will bid for just the Pilots cards. I will let someone else have the rest.

    1959 Don Lee
    1962 George Alusik
    1967 Rookies Korince/Matchick
    1969 Piching Leaders Denny McLain
    1969 Strikeout Leaders Mickey Lolich
    1979 Stolen base leader Ron LeFlore
    1979 Lance Parrish

  8. 1939-46 Salutation Exhibit card Hal Newhouser.

    There are several variations of these produced from 39-66, but my understanding is that the "Best Wishes" inscription designates it as being from the 39-46 run. I can send you a scan when I get home if you'd like!