Grand Cards: The Great Grand Cards Trade Away: Day 3

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Great Grand Cards Trade Away: Day 3

That's more like it! Day 2 was a success with the following people winning a package of non-Topps cards of the team of their choice:

Thorzul - Brewers
Cam - Phillies + Royals
Dayf - Braves
TheBrooklynMet - Mets
AnthonyK - Astros
Dan - Indians
AdamE - Red Sox
mmmrhubarb - Twins
Play at the Plate - Rangers
madding - Cardinals
Wicked Orteaga - Marlins
Mariner1 - Mariners
Ryan - Orioles
FanOfReds - Reds + Pirates
Drew - Yankees
CarlCrawfordCards - Rays

Congratulations to the winners. If you wanted a team that wasn't claimed, feel free to shoot me an email and I may be able to accommodate you.

On to Day 3, in an attempt to keep the momentum going:

Up for grabs All of my extraneous Relic cards.

Opening Bid One Detroit Tigers relic card (preferably non-Granderson)

I don't have a ton of these, I'm guessing more than 5 and less than 10, all of which are from products from 2005-2010. Still, it's free relic cards which isn't much to sneeze at. So get those offers in, this contest ends at 6 pm tomorrow. Ideally, I'd like to trade these for ONE relic card, may the best one win. However, I am partial to certain brands' relics (e.g. Allen & Ginter) even though I don't have any non-Granderson's to call my own.


  1. Bummer - I don't seem to have any Tiger relics left... I'll keep looking though.

  2. I'll put in a bid of one Tigers jersey card and one Tigers bat card.

  3. Three Tigers Relics from the Dirty South!

  4. I can go with 3 relics.
    09 SP Legendary Cuts Gary Sheffield Destined for History Jersey
    05 Pristine I-Rod Uncommon Jersey sn'd 461/500
    08 Topps Cameron Maybin 2007 Highlights Bat