Grand Cards: The Great Grand Cards Trade Down: Day 1

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Great Grand Cards Trade Down: Day 1

It's here.

The contest in which I take as many cards as I can and give them away. Does it tug at my heart strings? Sure, maybe a little bit. Many of these cards are the ones that I collected as a kid. At the same time, I'm treating this as a focusing of my collection. An evolution. So here's the deal:

Each day, at 6pm (Eastern), I will post a new lot of cards up for trade. You have until 5:30 the next day to make an offer for them. The offer can be whatever you like with just a few rules:
  • You must offer me a baseball card or money (e.g. "I will pay for shipping on these cards)
  • All baseball cards must be of Detroit Tigers, or otherwise fit into my collecting wants
  • The number of cards you offer must be fewer than the cards I am offering by a factor of 3. If I am giving up 9 cards, you can only offer me 3. Except...
  • 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 trades are also OK
  • You may make multiple offers per day, with each new offer nullifying your previous one
  • You don't necessarily need to offer me a specific card--you could just say "A mid-90's Score insert" and then find one later and send it if you win.
  • Contest closes at 5:30pm (Eastern) each day. I will post the winner at 6.
I will "warn" you: none of these cards are great. Some are literally worthless, others barely less so. With that in mind, there is no offer that you can make that is too small. I will start each day with an "opening bid"--a suggested minimum offer on the card--and we'll just let it build from there.  

and with that...

The Great Grand Cards Trade Down: Day 1

Up for Grabs: In honor of Heartbreaking Cards, all of the Donruss Diamond Kings I own (minus Tigers)

Starting Bid ONE Detroit Tigers Diamond Kings card.

Now, this is one of those ones where I don't know exactly what I have and I'll have to dig through the boxes to ship out. I will say this: the heyday of my collecting was from 1990-1993, and the big boxes of cards from Christmas definitely had a bunch of Diamond Kings from the mid-80s and on that I snagged before sending the rest out to pasture. I'd say that we're looking at more than 20, less than 50.

Put your bids in the comments, the contest ends tomorrow at 5:30 pm.

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  1. How about 3 Jeremy Bonderman cards, including a rookie, and 2 Verlanders. Also a tigers team card.