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Monday, June 7, 2010

Card Cameos: Incidental Curtis

You all know this blog's general feelings about Curtis Granderson, right? In a word: Awesome. Curtis is awesome. He does awesome things. He acts awesomely etc. Is it any surprise then, that he makes baseball cards in which he's not even credited more awesome? Of course not:

This card was brought to my attention by a brand-new post by the Collective Troll. In effect, I have stolen his image, so I am obligated by karma to heartily recommend that you give his blog a visit. Also, because it's good.

Anyway, what we have here is a 2010 Topps Silk card of Jason Bartlett. These cards have no numbers, but are serial numbered to 50. I happen to have a few of them of my own, although none from 2010. I think that this specimen is particularly nice--the Rays color scheme seems to work quite well with the 2010 design.

The shot itself is a real winner, although it's as much about Granderson as it is about Bartlett. If Curtis' head was up, I'd be certain that it was his card, based on the composition. Still, for high-flying action shots, this one is certainly a winner...made all the better by Curtis' sliding presence.

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  1. I miss seeing Granderson in that Olde English D uniform, he was a great ambassador for the Tigers.