Grand Cards: The Great Grand Cards Trade Away: Day 4

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Great Grand Cards Trade Away: Day 4

Day 4 of the trade away is at hand. This one is simple:

Up for Grabs Miscellaneous Autograph Cards.

Opening Bid One autograph card of a failed Detroit Tigers prospect.

I don't have much here, I think just 2-3 loose autographs, but if you've got a Tony Giarratano or Kyle Sleeth or Matt Anderson etc. lying around, then they could be yours.

This giveaway will end at 5:30 tomorrow with the winner announced at 6.

ALSO, tomorrow is going to be the last BIG giveaway, for people interested in large team lots, so be prepared. There will be a couple smaller days after that with things wrapping up on Thursday, I think.


  1. i have one andrew miller auto for you!

  2. In the spirit of competition I offer a 1995 Old Judge T-95 series auto of Dave Mysel #5124/5750.

  3. I bid one 2003 Bowman Signs of the Future Andy Van Hekken

  4. I've got a 1991 Bowman #141 signed by Milt Cuyler - 3rd runner up in the 1991 AL ROY voting. (1 spot ahead of another future Tiger, Pudge Rodriguez, by the way).

    He had 41 SB (.804 SB%) & 77 Runs that year in 154 games. In the 6 years after that he finished with a dismal career .237 BA, only broke double digit SBs one more time with 13, and averaged only 53 MLB games per year.

    I had this card signed in Toledo when the Tigers played an exhibition game against the Mud Hens when I was about 14. At the time I thought the Tigers had the next coming of Willie Mays. Yeah, that didn't work out so well.