Grand Cards: Who's Going To The National?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who's Going To The National?

The Countdown clock is ticking down and I think that it is only appropriate to ask a couple questions:

Is anybody going to the National in Baltimore?
Is anybody interested in a blogger meet-up/happy hour?

You see, I live in Baltimore. I know the ins and the outs and the good places and so forth. For the rest of you weary travelers, I provide a needed respite from the hustle and bustle of card shows and trip planning. At some point, you're going to just need to hang out and have a beer. I hear you.

If you're coming into town, you've probably got a good idea of what your agenda is looking like. In to town on X, go to the show, catch and O's game, more show, etc. Hey, I don't know what your plans are, give me a break.

So is anyone up for this? I'm thinking Friday or Saturday would work best because that's when the most people would be here, but I could be wrong. Like I said I live here (Literally. I live in the City so planning/coordinating something would be a breeze). If you'd be interested leave a comment or or send me an email with your plans and I'll use this site (and my new Twitter account) as an open forum to make something happen if there's enough interest.


  1. Sounds fun to me. I'm planning on coming Saturday; just purchased my ticket, in fact. I'd be interested in meeting up, but my plans are still really nebulous, so I'd be happy to go along with what other people want.

  2. I'll be there, but most likely only Wed & Thurs due to my crummy weekend work schedule.

  3. I am looking at Saturday, but I am flexible for Friday or Sunday. somewhat familiar w/ the area. definitely in for a Happy Hr.