Grand Cards: Brandon Inge named "Man of the Year"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Brandon Inge named "Man of the Year"

That's two in a row!

Brandon Inge won the 2010 Marvin Miller Man of the Year award for his outstanding charitable work in the Detroit area (especially his work with Mott's Children's Hospital at UofM).

It's this sort of stuff that has endeared Inge to Tigers fans. Well, that and the fact that he actually lives in Michigan. And he tries really hard. And he's a nice guy.

Apart from the fact that he is a frustrating baseball player, he is universally beloved for all that other stuff. I'm glad to see that he'll be around for another two years, thanks to last week's contract extension.

Notably, this makes the Tigers' second postseason honor--Austin Jackson was named the Player's Choice Rookie of the Year last week. What's more, Inge is the second Tiger in a row to be named "Man of the Year." Curtis Granderson won the award last year (more comments here), which just goes to show how Detroit brings out the best in everybody.

You can stop laughing now.

Seriously though, Congratulations to Inge for the award, and a special pat on the back to the Tigers organization, which clearly fosters an environment of service to the community and responsibility to the City and State at large. There aren't a lot of organizations that can say the same thing.

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