Grand Cards: Sparky

Thursday, November 4, 2010


That was fast. Sparky Anderson, legendary Tigers Manager, dead at 76, one day after he was reported to be gravely ill and in hospice care with "complications resulting from dementia."


  1. Sparky will be missed. He always seemed like he was having fun during the 80s when he was manager. I still remember him joking with Eli Zaret during the pre-game shows in 84. There are a lot of stories that will get told tonight and tomorrow.

  2. The best manager the Tigers ever had. Sparky loved the game of baseball, and we were better for having been in the presence of such a great man.

  3. I met him (and many of the other Tigers) while walking through the Detroit airport during the 1988 season with my dad. One of my most vivid childhood memories. A class act and a gentleman to the end. He will be missed.