Grand Cards: Curtis Granderson Wins 2009 Man Of The Year Award

Friday, October 30, 2009

Curtis Granderson Wins 2009 Man Of The Year Award

...I think.

I was driving up to work this morning and had uncharacteristically bad reception on ESPN radio. All week, on Mike and Mike they've been announcing the 2009 MLB Player's Choice Awards. Today, in between garbled voices and static I heard them announce "Curtis Granderson" for something and proceeded to listen to an interview with him during which I was able to understand about 15% of what was said.

Using my powers of deduction, I'm pretty sure that all of this meant that Curtis Granderson won the 2009 Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award, joining such recent recipients as Michael Young, Torii Hunter and Albert Pujols.

So, assuming that I'm right in all of this, congratulations to Curtis, who has devoted himself to kids and education throughout Metro Detroit through his Grand Kids Foundation, and shows the integrity, work ethic and personality that makes him one of the best role models in the game.

Once they post the podcast, I'll try to get it embedded or linked over here.

UPDATE:Sure enough, he is the winner! Congrats Curtis! You can listen to the Mike and Mike interview here.

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