Grand Cards: 2009 Upper Deck Update Checklist

Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Update Checklist

Sorry for the quick successive posts, I guess I should have actually researched this prior to posting the Grand Scheme.

Anyway, following up on Cards on Cards' discovery of a stealth update set in 2009 Upper Deck Fat Packs, here is a full checklistof the 50 card Update set, straight from the horse's mouth. Pictures below embiggen themselves upon clicking.

Your Detroit Tigers:
U4 Wilkin Ramirez
U39 Fu-Te Ni


  1. Royals - 0
    Cubs - 0
    President - 1


  2. To add on to Greg's comment:
    Reds - 0.

    Dear Upper Deck,
    There ARE other collectors out there besides Yankee and Red Sox fans...and I guess I should add besides presidential card fans too.


  3. I just posted a review for the 4 White Sox cards (!) in the set. 3 players and 1 president. This certainly came out of left field.

  4. At least the Royals, Cubs & Reds fans don't have to hunt for them. I like update sets, but I'm not a fan of the way this one is distributed.

  5. Couldn't agree more. This is a distribution disaster, just like what Topps did with the retail parallels, but way worse in that these are essentially main-set material, not an ignorable subset. Update sets are great, but boo on the methods.

  6. Isn't Wilkin Ramirez a little young to be assigned a "designated hitter" position on his card? He did play a position (well a few) in the minors.

  7. Yeah, he is. He's also a little too "not a DH", despite playing there once this year. He is a corner outfielder, and projects to be one in the future as well. The DH tag reeks of somebody googling where he played this season, seeing DH listed first (alphabetically) and going with that.

  8. hahaha UD! if your gonna do it, do it right... Pinch Runner.

    Poor Wilkin.

  9. I'm relieved that there are no Cardinals in the set, actually. I feel like no one will be buying this stuff.

    It's good to see that UD caught that late season Obama trade.