Grand Cards: Obaks and Throwbacks

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obaks and Throwbacks

This isn't a checklist in the way many of the other Tiger galleries are, but this 2009 Obak Fu-Te Ni is the only Tiger card in the Obak set. Since I wrote about it below, I didn't feel like there was a reason to write another gallery about it.

Things are a little bit busy on my end, but I thought I would show off some cards that came in recently that don't normally fit into my "main" collections, but have been very well received.

The first card is the only Obak card that I cared about:
2009 Tristar Obak #7 Fu-Te Ni

Mr. Ni, shown here as a Toledo Mud Hen, is the only Tiger in the whole Obak set. This card came courtesy of the generous Beardy in exchange for me asking politely for it. Maybe he did it because we live in the same city, but I'm guessing that its just because he's a good guy. Thanks Beardy!

The rest of the cards came from Thorzul's Greats of the Game group break. First, the "hit"
2006 Fleer Greats Of The Game #DET-KG Kirk Gibson Jersey

Gibby Game Used? Yes, please.

I had never really seen any cards from this set, so when I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised. Some of my favorites include:

2006 Fleer Greats Of The Game #2 Alan Trammell

Wow, Tram is number two in this set? And number one is who?
2006 Fleer Greats of the Game #1 Al Kaline


The Gibby base card features a great photo:
2006 Fleer Greats Of The Game #57 Kirk Gibson

And I can't leave out a couple of Birds:
2006 Fleer Greats Of The Game #63 Mark Fidrych

2006 Fleer Greats Of The Game #DET-MF Mark Fidrych

He played four years with the Tigers and is prominently featured in the set. Four years! I don't know that any other baseball player has ever had that much cultural impact in such a limited amount of time (and even less productive time). Truly an incredible Tiger.

Rounding out my haul were:
#6 Bill Freehan
#44 George Kell
#49 Jack Morris
#DET-DM Denny McLain "Tiger Greats"
#DET-TC Ty Cobb "Tiger Greats"

Excellent stuff across the board! (and yes, I realize that those aren't technically throwbacks, but I don't have any new "throwbacks" so give me a break.)

I'm still playing my perpetual game of catch up, but I assure you that there will be more cards uploaded and checklists updated by the end of the week! (I need to sink my teeth into Ticket to Stardom and Ballpark Collection and just can't bear to, and there are more releases already out or around the corner.)

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