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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Grand Scheme of Things

Your word of the day is “Microcosm”

No not just because I said it Spot Starters is on it too. Even Micheal Rosenberg gets in on the fun on virtual newsprint:
This game was a microcosm of the 2009 season. The Tigers led early and looked like they would to win the division. Then the Twins came all the way back and they looked like they would win the division. Then the Tigers tied it, and it seemed like everybody or nobody would win the division. It was that wild.

Yes. It was that wild, although if this is possible, Rosenberg takes the “Macro” view of microcosm. He goes with the Tigers "have it, lose it, tie it" theme, and doesn’t look at the fact that everything good and bad that the Tigers have done throughout the season happened in this one game. Now excuse me while I punish myself for thinking along the same lines as Rosenberg.


Quick, Give Me Back My Ballot!
Look me in the eye and tell me that Rick Porcello isn’t the AL Rookie of the Year. Yeah, yeah yeah Elvis Andrus is everybody’s favorite. And if there is going to pick a pitcher, Andrew Bailey or Brett Anderson are popular choices, but Jesus Christ:
Here are the lines for two of the top rookie of the year candidates:
Pitcher A: 30 GS, 180.2 IP, 6.2 K/9, 2.94 BB/9, 4.07 FIP, 4.6 tRA, 3.94 ERA, 13 wins
Pitcher B: 30 GS, 165 IP, 4.42 K/9, 2.73 BB/9, 4.81 FIP, 5.39 tRA, 4.04, 14 wins
Even if you use ERA and wins, it appears Pitcher A had the better season. Factor in the advanced metrics and it’s a pretty open and shut case, right? Wrong. As it turns out Pitcher B is getting all sorts of backing because of his age. He is 20-year-old Rick Porcello of the Detroit Tigers meanwhile Pitcher A is 26-year-old Jeff Niemann of the Tampa Bay Rays. Both are textbook rookies, yet one gets the hype while the other is getting the shaft. (Note: You can make the case neither is the rightful American League Rookie of the Year too, but this exercise imagines that Elvis Andrus doesn’t exist.)

Porcello was 5-2 with a 3.19 ERA since August 1st. That was before last night’s game. I understand that Rookie of the Year is not the “Most Valuable Rookie” award and I respect that Porcello’s age shouldn’t be a factor (but come on, he’s still a month away from 21!), but above all else, there is no other player in the American League who looked a serious pennant race in the face and then played his best baseball of the year. He should, but probably won’t, win the award.

Let’s Go…Yankees?
Ooh, boy people are going to disagree with me on this. I’m done with the Twins. In years past, I’ve rooted for them to do well. I like the style of ball they play. I like their scrappiness, and they way they manufacture runs and Ron Gardenhire and all of those things that everybody likes about the Twins. I have had nothing but respect for them, and still feel that way. But this was the final nail. The Twins, once the fellow AL Central universally disrespected compatriot, have caused me frequent and unrelenting pain over the last few years. I no longer wish them well. I want them to be systematically demolished by a Yankee Death Star.

Oh, baseball card blog
Baseball and baseball cards are inextricably intertwined, and with the season now over for my Tigers, there will probably be some housekeeping initiatives etc. One of these things will be to keep up with the Checklists. I’ve got a relatively comprehensive 2009 Detroit Tigers Checklist in the sidebar. Or here. I will be updating it as long as cards are still being released. Then, I will attempt to simultaneously work backwards while still keeping up on new releases.

Also, the Curtis Granderson Ultimate Checklists will continue, just as they did last year, looking at Granderson in each of the 2009 releases. A “best of “will probably follow. Ooh, and I got second place in fantasy baseball, which means that I have a hobby box coming my way. I need you to help me to decide what to get. All that, new cards in the mail and more as Grand Cards begins to wrap up its full year of operation. Thanks for sticking with me.


  1. Well, turns out I didn't schedule our vacation very well; the entire Game 163 and post season happened and I saw maybe four innings of it.

    I don't blame you for not backing the Twins, but seriously...the Yanks? I wouldn't wish that on ANY AL Central team. You gotta root against the Yanquis and THEN exact revenge the next round. Meanwhile, go Angels!

    Someday I'll be home for more than 24 hrs at a time, and I can finish that list of Tigers cards and drop them in the (e)mail for you.

  2. My mistake, I should have been more clear. I was rooting for the Yankees to beat the Twins, but I have NO desire for them to win a World Series. For that, I like the Angels as well.