Grand Cards: Upper Deck to Release 2009 Playoff Chase Exclusives

Friday, October 2, 2009

Upper Deck to Release 2009 Playoff Chase Exclusives

Just in time for the final push:

With the season down to its final weekend, Upper Deck has announced that it has released a limited edition "Playoff Chase" set of exclusive trading cards for collectors in Detroit, Minnesota, Los Angeles and Colorado. The cards, which have been shipped to local Hobby shops and are now available directly from Upper Deck, are part of a 150-card set the projected 25-man playoff rosters of each team in contention, and "fan exclusive" cards for each fanbase. Upper Deck has not identified what the fan exclusive cards will entail, but speculation is that the popular "DNA Hair Relics" concept will be expanded to include hairs pulled in frustration from the heads of die-hard fans. Cards that highlight "Real Ulcer Photographs," "Electrocardiograph History" and "Franchise Breath Holding Champions" that show the cumulative effects of a season that has been exciting, depressing, thrilling and exasperating for the fans, are expected to be highly sought after.

I am proudly represented in the set, with both a "Real Ulcer" card and "Game-Destroyed Dinnerware" relic from when the games were just too much to bear. And yet here I am, still thrilled to be watching September baseball and rooting as hard as I can for two more Tigers wins.

Go Get 'Em Tigers!

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