Grand Cards: Tigers Trade Armando; Rotation Set, But Not Really

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tigers Trade Armando; Rotation Set, But Not Really

Not that this is a surprise, considering he was DFA'd last week hours after signing a $2.3M contract extension, but Armando Galarraga is officially a Tiger no more. The Tigers pick up minor league pitchers in return, which, fine. Call me in five years and ask me how it worked out.

This whole thing has been quite strange. Galarraga, struggled though he did last year (a perfect game aside), was looking like he would compete for the 5th starter spot. Then the Tigers signed Brad Penny, who pitched in a Dontrelle Willis-like 9 games last year, and apparently the competition was over. What we're left with is a rotation that includes Phil Coke, freshly converted from the bullpen, and Brad Penny making a comeback.

Does this seem strange to anyone else? Does nobody feel that maybe, just maybe there is a chance that one or both of those pieces won't work out? It doesn't make sense to have a little bit of an insurance policy in place?

Certainly, somebody thought this, but their math came up with a different result. Basically, the Tigers are saying that one of Furbush, Oliver or Turner (PLEASE GOD NOT TURNER, NOT YET) is a superior option to Galarraga in the event that Coke or Penny doesn't work out. Long-term I agree, but I'm not sure that that's the right way to think about it at the moment. I guess we'll see.


  1. I don't know. While I can't say they exactly "sold high" on Armando, it sounds like they got a decent return for a guy who really is very inconsistent and didn't seem like he was ever going to be even the 5th starter type. I'm not so sure about the Coke experiment and Brad Penny reclamation project either, but I think Penny can be a serviceable starter if healthy, plus I think Oliver could be ok this year (meaning 100% 0 reason to bring up Turner--Leyland makes mostly idiotic decisions, but he wouldn't be the type to do that).
    I think just as importantly, we finally got away from the dumbass decision to continue employing Gerald "automatic out" Laird.

  2. I'm not so sure. Galarraga showed flashes of brilliance and won double digit games just a couple of years ago. Sure, he had some problems and I understand why the Tigers made the move, but two "fringe" prospects (Quoting Dave Dombrowski here) are not really a very good haul. Seems like he would have been more valuable staying in the system, but the mechanics of doing that (no more options, e.g.) may just have been too difficult.

  3. I am right with you on not wanting to bring Turner up too soon. Please, no.