Grand Cards: Gus Zernial 1923-2010

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gus Zernial 1923-2010

Shame on me. I am now the third card blogger to have written something about Gus Zernial, who died last Thursday from congestive heart failure. That response time is unacceptable, especially when I actually have a Gus Zernial card:

Ozark Ike (where do they get these nicknames?) was 87. MLB has a nice writeup that highlights his involvement in bringing AAA Baseball to Fresno.

Zernial ended his career as a part time player for the Tigers, and actually had a pretty good 1958 before his worst-of-his-career-in-all-categories 1959 wrapped things up. Baseball Reference provides the meat and potatoes.

Rest in Peace, Gus. Baseball Card Icon.

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