Grand Cards: Best Trade of All Time?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Trade of All Time?

I am so far beyond my days of Lynn Henning bashing, but I feel like it's appropriate to provide some factual counterpoints to some of the things he says. Today, he writes:
[Austin Jackson] is one-quarter of perhaps the best trade in Tigers history. Dave Dombrowski will never make a deal that will have netted more talent — Jackson, Max Scherzer, Phil Coke and Daniel Schlereth — at such an affordable price (Curtis Granderson, Edwin Jackson).

I was the first to admit that the trade has worked out even better than expected. Personally, I still feel as though Granderson is one of the better all-around center fielders in the game, and that he will continue to prove that this year for the Yankees. But, Austin Jackson is incredible and will hopefully be a franchise player for the team. Also, Max Scherzer has been everything we hoped Max Scherzer would be and is going to be a star.

But. But! I don't even think that it was the best trade of the decade. Once upon a time the Tigers traded for Miguel Cabrera. At the time, it seemed like they paid a steep price. In reality, they gave up nothing. The Tigers gave up no impact players, save a still-young Cameron Maybin who could potentially resurrect his career. In return the Tigers got Cabrera, someone who, if he can get his extracurriculars under control, could legitimately go down as one of the best players in Franchise History. Sure they got Willis too, but that was no big deal--it was resigning him that was the problem.

But that's not it. The Tigers also acquired Carlos Guillen for Ramon Santiago and someone else (Juan M. Gonzalez, maybe?), and then got Ramon Santiago back! Certainly, that was a better trade at a cheaper price.

And it gets better. In what I believe may actually have been the best trade in Tigers history the Tigers traded Ugueth Urbina for Placido Polanco. Polanco went on to be one of the most consistent Tigers players around, won two Gold Gloves, nearly won a batting title and went to an All-Star game in his 4.5 years in Detroit. Urbina killed someone and never played another game.

So no, I'm not going to go on an anti-Henning warpath anymore. But dude. This is a man who loves his hyperbole and loves talking about the players that he has these pet-affections for (I'm looking at you Scott Sizemore and Casper Wells in their) and those that he loves to disparage for some reason (Granderson). To say that giving up Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson represents some sort of low-low price is ridiculous. These guys are former (and could be future) All-Stars and start on Major League rosters. The Tigers have made better deals than that. Not just ever, but recently.

Also, can someone please get Norm Cash on the phone? Or Rocky Colavito? Or MICKEY COCHRANE? Best trade in Tigers history...Humph.


  1. Preach on, dude. Henning is a dumbass in the same vein as Drew Sharp, Michael Rosenberg and Mike Valenti. He pretty much does what those other idiots do: write opinion pieces in such troll-worthy fashion that people who know better will take the bait and earn him page views and responses. If you took him at his word you'd think he actually knew literally nothing about baseball, but like I said, I think he's just a troll, in the style of TV and radio political show hosts. And yeah, AJax and the other parts of that deal worked out great, but it still doesn't address the fact that Granderson was essentially the new Mr. Tiger, and at the time the team cried poverty and then threw a Brinks truck at Verlander. I could think of a ton of deals that were better than the one Henning picked, but I think you listed most of them. Just do what I do and avoid reading the Detroit newspapers, especially since they're biased against U of M.

  2. Oh, don't get me started on the anti U-M bias of the Detroit papers (or the Detroit media in general). I actually have found that the News has very good sports coverage, especially for the Tigers, but Henning is the one person who has just enough credibility that I have to pay attention to him but can never stand.

    The Free Press is a joke at this point. Sharp and Rosenberg don't even get my time of day anymore. And I certainly don't pay attention to Valenti or any of the sports talk radio guys in the area. Just a bucket full of morons.

  3. Very well said. And I hate that there is no good sports talk on the Tigers.

  4. Henning is an idiot. In his lifetime he has experienced Wockenfuss/Wilson for Bergman/Hernandez, which is a WAY better trade than the one he talks about. Heck, that trade brought a championship.