Grand Cards: River of Tears

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

River of Tears

The deed is done. Granderson is a Tiger no more.

I will have plenty to say about this, but need to collect my thoughts at the moment.

Oh, and that 10 hr plane ride tomorrow--the one that I thought could be "a therapeutic session in which I can think about a trade in-depth as I sip Ginger Ale and snack on peanuts"? Yeah. That's going to suck. And that Ginger Ale is probably going to be a teeny airplane bottle of liquor.


  1. Damn, I can't imagine.

    This is the worst.

    Teixeira I handle going to the Yankees. He's a jerk. It fits. But Granderson?

  2. Oh my freaking gosh! Talk about worst case scenario! I am really sorry my friend, really sorry. Hopefully the Yanks turn around and deal Grandy, he doesn't fit with that group of a-holes, he is a class act all around. Personally I am bummed that Edwin Jackson is going to his 3rd team in two years, but I am glad he won't be a yankee... My condolences...

  3. Well, Yankee hate aside, it is really difficult to lose a favorite player. My biggest player lost story actually came from basketball when the Blazers traded away Clyde Drexler. It was the end of an era and a major part of my childhood.

  4. Wow---Granderson for a bag of balls. I never thought it would actually happen. Fire that GM NOW.

  5. Tough news to swallow, looks like I will be having a fire sale of my Granderson collection if you are still interested in collecting his stuff.

  6. Wow, that stinks. Are you going to collect Granderson in a Yankee uniform? Will it make you throw up in your mouth a little each time you acquire one?

  7. Bumm...

    silver lining - if someone were to have a bunch of Granderson cards, they will likely skyrocket in price.

  8. Twins fan linked here from a Twins blog.

    Honestly, I'm sorry. The Tigers made out nicely enough in the trade, but trading the guy who appeared to be the face of the franchise...well, let's just say (Kevin Garnett, Randy Moss) I feel your pain.

    And to the Yankees. Pah. Sorry, dude.

  9. Collective Troll, I'd like to know exactly who the a-holes on the yankees are. Other than a-rod and aj burnett it's hard to argue that any of their players are a-holes. If anything, granderson will fit in perfectly, because the yankees are full of class acts.

    I'm really sorry that tigers fans lost granderson, and I'm also really kinda ticked that the yankees had to live up to everything they are criticized for. However, with players like Jeter, Mariano, Teixeira, Pettitte, and Posada; being a team full of ass holes is hardly a common criticism.

  10. It's an incredibly common criticism, Nico.

    Teixeira is a whining tool on the field and off, and Pettitte juiced and lied about it for years. You need to redefine "class act," man.

  11. Reminds me of when Torii Hunter (another class act AL Central center fielder) left for the Angels. That wasn't nearly as bad as having your player go to the Yankees, of course...

    At least the Yankees had to make a fair trade for him rather than prying him away as a free agent. (When's the last time they've had to do that?)

  12. Hate to say it, but I tried to warn you!

    I'm not a Yankee's fan myself, so I know it's disappointing!