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About Grand Cards

What is Grand Cards?
The origins of this blog are well documented in Grand Cards: A History, the definitive source of this blog's origins and inspiration.

Grand Cards started as a simple blog with a simple premise: talk about my baseball card collection, and my emphasis on highlighting Curtis Granderson, as both a player and cardboard collectible. As time has worn on, the focus of the blog has broadened to not only talk about Curtis Granderson and his baseball cards, but on the Detroit Tigers, including cards and commentary about anything that surrounds the team. This dabbling into Tiger commentary was made the primary focus during the Apocolypse, around which time this blog began to evolve to become a "one-stop-shop" for Tigers Baseball Card information.

Who is Grand Cards?

I was an avid card collector as a kid, and like so many of us stopped at some point. Just as I was finishing college and preparing to move far, far away I picked it back up again. Just a bit, and then a bit turned into a little, a little turned into a lot and a lot turned into this blog. I write about the Tigers because they are my passion. The same goes for Michigan sports--which is why you'll see scattered posts about Michigan alums, news, cards and other such things from time to time. I also happen to be a runner, having picked that up late in college as well, who has run a handful of marathons in respectable but unspectacular times. Bits about those show up from time to time as well. I'm a man who enjoys a good hobby, which I guess is why I'm here.

What's the deal with...

The Grand Scheme? It is a recurring feature that runs at irregular, unpredictable but not infrequent intervals. I am loosely modeling this feature after MGoBlog’s tremendous “Unverified Voracity” posts , which are the Gold Standard of thematically linked state of the world meta-posts, in my eyes. His are about Michigan. Mine will be about the Tigers and Baseball Cards, as you would expect. I also am blatantly plagiarizing the way that site uses the Unverified Voracity title: as a proper noun. In a sense “The Grand Scheme” is just a nebulous person, place or thing that makes observations and commentary about stuff. Enjoy.

Grand Galleries? These are galleries of every Curtis Granderson card ever made. Um, that I can also find pictures of.

Tigers Checklist Galleries? A rundown of all the Tigers cards in a given baseball card release, parallels not included.

M in the MLB? Occasional posts about the history or current status of University of Michigan alumni in their professional baseball careers.

Zach Putnam? I know that guy. Hence, I follow his career as best I can.

Card Cameos? Sometimes Tigers pop up in cards without due credit. Card Cameos are a way of finding out about a player's inclusion in a baseball card that would have no record of him otherwise. Oh, and they're fun.

That should cover, like 90% of my recurring features and random things that I write about. If you have questions or feel like dropping me a line, you can always email me.