Grand Cards: Trading


Essential Information
Email. Wantlist. Tradelist.

Trading Philosophy
So it turns out that all this “blog” stuff can be useful for trading cards with other people. Who knew? In the interest of making life easier for prospective traders, I thought that I would post my Trading Philosophy and keep it available for easy reference.

I collect Detroit Tigers. If you have cards of Detroit Tigers, I will likely be interested. On occasion, I may also collect other cards. For example, Rookie Cards of Hall of Famers, 2007 and 2008 UD Masterpieces have also fallen under my collecting radar.

My philosophy is simple: I am willing to trade anything for cards that I need for my collections. I don’t care about the "value" of the cards, per se. That said, I’m not going to make trades that are patently unfair, but I’m certainly not going to be splitting hairs.

My primary collections are this:

Topps Detroit Tigers—Base, Inserts, GU, Auto etc.

Secondary collections may include:
Upper Deck Detroit Tigers—Base Only
Hall of Fame RCs
Detroit Tigers in Topps Chrome, Heritage, Goudey, A&G, etc. My current wants (by year) can be found in my wantlist.
Zach Putnam—All Brands/Cards

Tertiary collections may include: Other Tigers Cards, other interesting cards

All of my Detroit Tigers wants are available (in checklist form) in my Wantlist.. If you have a card that isn’t on the wantlist, it means that
1) I may already have it,
2) It isn't a part of one of my primary or secondary collecting goals or
3) don’t know of its existence and likely need it.
Often times I will not include extremely rare cards (aka Topps cards serial numbered under 50) on my wantlist, even though I do want them. If I already have it it will be on the Master Checklist, otherwise I'm happy to deal).

When in doubt, you can go to the Master Checklist for a given year. Every card that I have has an "x" on that checklist. The wantlist and master checklists are spreadsheets. There are tabs on the bottom for different categories, and little arrows to make the tabs scroll (double and triple clicking them makes them scroll faster).

My Tradelist. is a list of what I have. Every single card that I’ve acquired since 2007 is in that spreadsheet, and it is constantly updated. Tabs across the bottom also help categorize things by year, and everything can also be organized, the way you would a spreadsheet, by player, team, brand, card number etc. I constantly upgrade my Wantlist and my Tradelist to reflect the most accurate information available.

If you are interested in trading with me, just send me an email.

That’s it…Happy Trading!