Grand Cards: Tigers Galleries

Tigers Galleries

What is a checklist gallery? Why does it have such a stupid name? Who's idea was this?

Sorry. My idea. Checklist Galleries are what they sound like--they are visual checklists, of sorts. They provide all the information that a checklist would provide, but with thumbnail pictures of what the cards look like. The goal is simple: to crate Checklist Galleries for every baseball card release that includes Detroit Tigers cards.

One caveat, to convert this task from "absolutely impossible" to "extremely difficult," I have set a few ground rules

1. I will only post a checklist gallery where I have 75% of the images that I need.
2. Parallels are out. The recent phenomenon of creating a million different variations of the same basic card makes collecting images tedious and difficult. I will compile these galleries using regular images only, occasionally substituting parallels if I get bored or feel like it. What I won't do is create galleries of the parallel sets. Sorry.
3. Except sometimes. Every now and then (see: when I actually collect them) there will be parallel sets.
4. I need your help. I can get a lot of images together, but as I work backwards it will be harder and harder. If you have cards in your possession, scans, etc. of a card that I don't have an image of, please email me so that I can add them. If I have incorrect information, please let me know as well.

With that, here are links to both gallery pages and the master checklist for each year. Gallery pages are a composite of links for all the galleries for the given year. The checklist is an online spreadsheet with all the different releases contained in tabs on the bottom.

2010 Tigers Galleries 2010 Master Checklist
2009 Tigers Galleries 2009 Master Checklist