Grand Cards: Shipped.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Shipped? Topps' redemption site says so.

2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #3 Brennan Boesch

I'm going to say, I was extremely excited about this card when it was announced back in July and right before Basho fell off of cliff. Now it's December. Does that mean I don't care? Well, no. I care a lot mostly because I'm

1. Obsessive over my set completeness
2. I think the card looks awesome

But this is not the card that it could have been if it had been delivered to our greedy little hands as fast as possible. Actually, I guess if Boesch had maintained his stellar level of play than it would have been pretty much the same. I guess this isn't on you after all, Topps.

Still, for a subset describing rookies that are "red hot," the significance of that label is diminished when the card is produced long after their red-hotness has ceased to be, no? Would I feel this way if this were an Austin Jackson card?

Who cares, I guess. I'm just excited that the wait is over. Now if they could only get a move on my Porcello autograph from T-206...