Grand Cards: Must...Have...Fleer

Monday, March 14, 2011


Fact: Everybody collected Fleer as a kid and it was awesome
Fact: Everybody wishes Fleer were still around
Fact: Nobody collected baseball cards in the mid-2000s
Fact: You can get 7 boxes of mid-2000s Fleer cards for basically nothing.

How? Community Gum's Super-Fleer Group Break. He just lowered the price and there are still a bunch of teams left like the Angels--who won a world series in this era, White Sox (who ALSO won a world series), Marlins (I'm sensing a pattern here) and a bunch of other teams that were actually good in this era.

This stands in sharp contrast to the Tigers, who were terrible for most of the years represented by these cards. Yet here I am, getting in on the break, because it will yield approximately 1,000,000 cards I don't have for the same price as a 2011 Topps Blaster.

I'm just saying.