Grand Cards: Contest for Baltimore-based Readers!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Contest for Baltimore-based Readers!

This is a contest for Baltimore-area readers only

The decidedly non-baseball card blog Things I Adore is running one of the better contests you're going to see.

The winner gets a free 30 minute extremities massage treatment from Claire Taylor Massage. What is an extremities treatment you say? Well you know how your hands can get tired after flipping through mountains of cards, or putting trade packages together? Or how blogging can zap the energy from your fingers? Or how your feet are tired and sore after a day of walking through a card show or flea market? Yeah, it's for those.

Of course, the winner of the contest gets a fully-transferrable gift certificate, so even if you're not in the market for a free massage, it's not a bad gift for say, that girlfriend or wife who puts up with all of your card collecting antics year-round. Yes, that means you. You know that there's a pile of cards on your table that she's not bothering you about right now, but totally could. You owe her this.

So check out Things I Adore to enter and you (or that significant other of yours) will get 10% off of any massage treatment just for doing so.

*Yes, this is a post promoting my wife's just-launched massage practice. This is what we do for our loved ones. You know what you could do for your loved one? Win him/her a massage. Just sayin'

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