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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grand Galleries: 2010 Topps Heritage

It's been a while since I've done a Grand Gallery (or any galleries, for that matter), and I thought that I might as well tackle 2010 Heritage before people are completely sick of it. This marks a rather pivotal moment in this blog's evolution. This will be the first card gallery that is in no way Tigers related. The cards represent Curtis Granderson's full checklist from 2010 Topps Heritage, all in a nicely photoshopped Yankees uniform. As I said before, I believe that this is the beginning of the end of Curtis the Tiger. Fortunately, with this set at least, he's moved on with class.

Base Set Simple. One card (#37) No Parallels.

#37 Curtis Granderson

Heritage Chrome I love the Heritage Chrome cards. I don't know why it works, but these vintage designs and real cardboard backs just make these cards a wonder to behold--for the refractors at least. Curtis has one of the chrome cards this year and they are nice.

#C14 Curtis Granderson Chrome (#/1961)

#C14 Curtis Granderson Chrome Refractor (#/561)

#C14 Curtis Granderson Black Refractor (#/61)

Heritage Stamps Last but not least, there is an insert set of Heritage Stamps (#/50) wherein nonsensical pairs of players are printed up on individual stamps and put in a nice framed card. The only Granderson that I've seen is with Jay Bruce. The checklist on these is a bit nebulous for now, so it's possible that there are more Grandersons out there, perhaps on a brown stamp, or paired with another player. I wouldn't bank on it, but you never know. For now at least, this is the one and only:

#NNO Curtis Granderson/ Jay Bruce Stamps (#/50)

With small, easy to comprehend checklist and very nice card options, I strongly recommend that any Yankee fan-turned-Granderson collector start with this set for sure. Grab one of those black refractors and you won't be sorry.

As for the Tigers--I got my cards in the mail the other day and am in the process of taking pictures. A full Tigers Gallery of 2010 Heritage should be up in the next few days.

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