Grand Cards: You Can Take The Dog Out Of The Fight

Friday, March 5, 2010

You Can Take The Dog Out Of The Fight

By now, it is relatively well known that my Granderson collecting days are over. Fundamental shift in preferences and all that, have left me with decisions to make about my existing collection and my future choices. One path I've chosen has been to take some of the Granderson cards that I like best, and expand upon them in the form of team sets etc. Still, there is little incentive for me to pick up new Granderson cards any more, and my purchases have stopped almost entirely.

But not entirely.

2010 Topps #PPAR-CG Curtis Granderson (#14/50)

It was irresistible. A Curtis Auto/Relic in 2010 Topps. In his 1909 throwback uniform, no less. On a card that is actually designed very nicely, with the swatch bisected by a ribbon with his name.

You see, when I got back into collecting, it was Topps team sets, all the way. Then I bumped the stakes to go after Master sets of base cards and inserts. Then I bumped it again to include autos and relics and the like. It became apparent that going after some of the rarer cards would break the bank, so I arbitrarily decided that cards with a print run of under 100 would not be necessary for my "master sets." So, I saved my money by not ponying up $25 for a manufactured hat relic, or a Ty Cobb fake letter or a stupid jumbo swatch of Magglio Ordonez's pants (why pants were ever thought to be good material for jumbo swatches, I'll never know). This under 100 rule works pretty well in this way and ultimately, I end up eschewing the rarer cards for things that fit my fancy a little better.

But this is Curtis.

It will just take time, I guess.

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  1. Nice card, sorry that the yankees had to steal your joy.