Grand Cards: A Matter of Perspective

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Matter of Perspective

You think you've seen small baseball cards before?

I would like to introduce you to the World's Smallest Baseball Card:

Don't believe me?

See? Tiny.

Ok. You guys are too smart. I stuck it next to a 2009 Detroit News special issue. Maybe you need something a little more comparable. Another Trammell Card maybe?

I told you so...yeah you got me again. That's Topps Big.

Let's try this. Here's a card that came in the same package:

Ooh! How about an aside for this really nice 1985 Topps Al Kaline card that is kind of an insert or special issue or something that I need to research more. Of the recent package I just got, that was my favorite card.

Here's my second favorite. Tram again:

That's a Topps UK mini card. Starting to get the sense that this guy is really really small, aren't you. Starting to feel kind of silly for thinking, "oh that Dan, he's trying to trick me into thinking this card is really small, but it can't be that small." Well my friends, it can.

And with that, we can cross another card--the Porcello SP mini off my "Big Ten wantlist" and revel in the fact that, no matter what your perspective, that Trammell is one small card.

Stay tuned, because I just ended up with 20 of these suckers and after all that, it would be my pleasure to tell you exactly what you were looking at.


  1. The Kaline is from the Circle K Home Run Kings set. I will offer a guess on the Tram card. It might be from an All-Star program from the early 80s. Those had some small cards in them.