Grand Cards: 2010 Topps has...Red Parallels

Monday, August 16, 2010

2010 Topps has...Red Parallels

Red parallels?
Red parallels.

This breaking news comes courtesy of The Drizz, who runs the outstanding Totally Cecil blog, but tends to post about other things on the Motown Sports Message Boards.

So, what's with the red?

These cards are Numbered to 299 and found--5 cards at a time--inside of Factory Sets. I'm guessing inside regular factory sets and not those of the team-flavored variety. This makes them a disturbingly tough pull. As Drizz reports, single Tigers are running from $2-15, with Austin Jackson the most expensive, unsurprisingly.

In a follow-up, Drizz notes that these appear to be a one-off, and will not exist in Topps Update form:
topps informed me via twitter that the series 3 cards will not be red paralleled, so i don't think i'll be persuing them. nice to have a couple, though.

Which is serious disincentive to try to go after these from a team-collector standpoint, not to mention that it would be damn near impossible to do.

Still, for the Supercollectors of the world, have fun chasing these suckers down. For what it's worth, I think that they're pretty nice looking and I would be chasing Granderson till the end of days if I were still in the market. Given how long it and hard it is to put together a Gold team set, of which there are nearly 7x as many of each card, I'll have to give these a pass too.


  1. the reds haunt me. they are pretty nice looking in-person, and the /299 is in gold foil, not the bland stamping found on this years /2010's.

    still, the fact that i couldn't parallel the update set (and that i don't have the funds right now for a $5-per-card set) is gonna force me to pass on these.

    i still recommend picking one or two up, perhaps of your fave player or what not. i did see the granderson from series 1 for $2.99...

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  3. and when i say "your fave player", i'm speaking in general to everyone...


  4. Is there a Boesch red parallel card?

  5. Nope, only cards from S1 and S2 have the red parallels. As of now, the only Boesch card from 2010 is his "Red Hot Rookie" Redemption card found in Topps S2.

  6. Thanks, I have sent for my rookie redemption. Do you know if Boesch will be in the T206 Topps series?

  7. He wasn't on the prelim. checklist, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was added--checklists often change between prelim and actual release. Once it's released (Sept. 1 I think) we'll know more.

  8. Granderson is having a great series against the Tigers. HR's and terrific outfield play. It's still hard for me to watch him in a Yankees uniform, just like Big Daddy Cecil, and Pudge.