Grand Cards: The Curse Of Kenny?

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Curse Of Kenny?

Roar of the Tigers--arguably the most enjoyable Tigers fan blog out there, if you're not familiar with it--made a couple post-game comments after another crushing Tigers loss yesterday. One jumped out at me:
–The last time the Tigers and Wrong Sox traded directly with each other was 1989 (according to FSN today). Obviously I approve. We don’t want to be getting our paws dirty, dealing with those foul creatures.

1989? Tigers/White Sox? My internal baseball card database immediately pulled out one and only one possibility from the pile.

(from the awesome Trading Card Database)

Kenny Williams. Current GM of the White Sox. Is this the makings of some sort of curse? Perhaps Kenny is bitter from being ripped from his Chicago home by the Tigers. Or bitter that he was released by the Tigers after the 1989 season. Are the Tigers doomed to failure at the hands of the White Sox until they can successfully make a deal with them again? Is this somehow Eric King's fault?

That was the only trade that the Tigers made with the White Sox in 1989. Move over John Smoltz, 21 years later and we're still paying the price.

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