Grand Cards: Hello, Goodbye

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello, Goodbye

In the game of musical chairs that is the Detroit Tigers roster these days, one is back in...

2009 Topps: Gold #UH116 Alfredo Figaro RC

and another is out...
2010 Topps Pro Debut #16 Robbie Weinhardt

Of course, none of this is significant compared to the potential roster earthquake that is currently brewing:
Heard this: Johnny Damon and Brandon Inge are currently passing through waivers. They were placed on waivers Thursday.

Which leads me to a few things:

1. Why were they just placed on Waivers yesterday? As if that Thursday afternoon loss was really the nail in the coffin that the Tigers just weren't going to cut it this year? Shouldn't this have been done weeks ago? Having waited this long the Tigers likely reduced the value of Inge, who could have gone to a St. Louis Cardinals team that sorely needed a third baseman. Unless they figured that the Reds would have blocked that move. Still, it makes you wonder.

2. I have no problem* with letting either player go for something in return. Get a prospect or two and then if you really want them back re-sign them in 2011. I'd be thrilled to have Damon back. I'd be fine with Inge back, provided his salary is in line with his ability. In fact, Trade Inge with a "wink wink, nod nod, we'll sign you in the offseason" type deal behind closed doors. Or grab Adrian Beltre. Either way.

3. *The only problem I do have is this hangs Miguel Cabrera out to dry so much that it isn't even fair. The Tigers have offense problems. Removing two important offensive pieces will make this team more of an embarrassment than they already are.

So do what you've got to do, Dave Dombrowski. If you can get a good return on Damon and Inge take it (see: NOT Kyle Farnsworth for Pudge Rodriguez). We Tigers fans will understand. Then pull out your wallet, because free agency isn't going to be cheap this year.


  1. I'd like Beltre too, but at a decent price. Notice that his two biggest years have come in his FA year. With that in mind he is more likely to produce much less than this year.

  2. I love Brandon Inge. He is a pure ball player, who goes out a gives 110% every single day. The Tigers should have let Inge get healthy last year, and not allowed him to play hurt. He would have had a lot of rest, and have been in a better position health wise.

    I do agree that the Tigers should tell Brandon they'll bring him back if they trade him, but the Tigers need to make the proper deal...and yeas... no Farnsworth stuff...a legitimate trade please!