Grand Cards: It Could Be Worse

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It Could Be Worse

Still stewing over the last two days of managerial ineptitude? Chin up folks, things have been tough for all of us in Tigertown, I know. The team seems to find new ways to break your heart or disappoint you day in and day out. But remember this there's always tomorrow (in this case, in about an hour at Fenway Park, where the Tigers go for the elusive road series. I've got good vibes about Verlander today.), and it could always be worse. Lest we forget:
2003 Fleer Tradition #11 Tigers Team Leaders

The Tigers were led by a pitcher with 8 wins. Randall Simon was the leading offensive player. The season leaders have worse numbers in each category than the 2010 team leaders have Right Now with two months to go. You don't even want to know the horrors of turning the card over--the Top 5 in each category are gruesome. Oh, and that wasn't even the Tigers' bad year.

Thanks to The Brooklyn Met for putting things into perspective for me. This was just one of a handful of cards that he sent my way, all similarly depressing. Esteban Yan?!...Oy!

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