Grand Cards: Who Are These People: Andy Dirks

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who Are These People: Andy Dirks

There are a lot of new faces wearing the Old English D these days. Trades, DL Stints, Call-Ups, Demotions -- all points to a roster in flux as Dave Dombrowski grasps at the world's supply of straws trying to find something that works.

Of course that leads to the question: Who are these people? (Jerry Seinfeld voice optional). Sounds like a multi-part series to me. We'll be doing these in chronological order.

While there was some movement on the roster earlier in the season, the carousel started in the middle of May and really picked up speed about a week later. The first domino to fall was Maggs.

May 13, 2011 Magglio Ordonez to the DL

Hello: Andy Dirks

Dirks? Dirks was an 8th round pick of the Tigers 2008 out of Wichita State. He was an ok minor league player that really came into his own at AAA last year and the start of this season (.347/.384/.575). Sure, he strikes out more than he walks (almost 2x as much). He missed out on Baseball America's Top 10 organizational prospects list at the end of last season, but was considered the Tigers' best defensive outfield, something that he has shown so far.

Since being called up he has flashed his glove and his power, with 2 HRs and a double to his credit in 32 plate appearances (a 121 OPS+!).

Get that man a baseball card? Yes, please. Despite the fact that Bowman frequently puts out cards of worthless prospects that will never see the show, and that Topps had a "pro debut" series come out last year, Dirks is as-yet baseball card-less.