Grand Cards: Who Are These People: Charlie Furbush

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who Are These People: Charlie Furbush

There are a lot of new faces wearing the Old English D these days. Trades, DL Stints, Call-Ups, Demotions -- all points to a roster in flux as Dave Dombrowski grasps at the world's supply of straws trying to find something that works.

Of course that leads to the question: Who are these people? (Jerry Seinfeld voice optional). Sounds like a multi-part series to me. We'll be doing these in chronological order.

The Dominoes started falling for real with this one. This is the first in a rapid fire sequence of roster moves.

May 21, 2011 Brad Thomas to the DL

Who? Brad Thomas is the rather crappy lefthanded bullpen arm that the Tigers signed during winter meetings 2009, right before that other thing they did that year. He's pretty much universally derided in Detroit. He does not have a card as a Tigers. Bonus: he was once a Nippon Ham Fighter.

Hello: Charlie Furbush.

A bush made out of fur. Like Dirks, Furbush wasn't among the organization's Top Prospects in 2010. He's a former 5th rounder (2007) and a big dude (6'5, 215). He also just happens to have been tearing it up in AAA this season. 55K to 14BB in 46IP is pretty good. So was that 2.91 ERA and 0.928 WHIP. Oh, and this is all as a left-handed starter, something the Tigers have had trouble finding/developing for years.

With Thomas out, Furbush has filled the role in the Bullpen where he has been, well, awesome. 9k in 8.2IP will do that. If he can keep it up we might never have to see Brad Thomas again.

Get that man a baseball card? He'll need something to commemorate his MLB Debut, sure, but you can see him on cardboard right now. He made the Prospect rounds in 2008 with showings in Bowman Chrome and some releases from Donruss and Just.
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