Grand Cards: Who Are These People: Adam Wilk

Monday, June 6, 2011

Who Are These People: Adam Wilk

There are a lot of new faces wearing the Old English D these days. Trades, DL Stints, Call-Ups, Demotions -- all points to a roster in flux as Dave Dombrowski grasps at the world's supply of straws trying to find something that works.

Of course that leads to the question: Who are these people? (Jerry Seinfeld voice optional). Sounds like a multi-part series to me. We'll be doing these in chronological order.

I hope Adam Wilk has a good frequent flyer program.

May 24, 2011 Phil Coke placed on DL, Adam Wilk called up

A freak accident sent Phil Coke to the DL, making Adam Wilk the third call up in four days.

Four Days later after Scott Sizemore got traded for David Purcey, the Tigers needed a roster spot (for some reason?) and Wilk was sent back down to the Minors.

Pat on the back and all that. Wilk didn't really have time to get comfortable in Glass City though. The newly acquired Purcey went on paternity leave on Saturday leaving the Tigers down a reliever, so Wilk got the call again.

Way to go buddy.

With Paternity Leave now over, it was time for Wilk to stay with the club?! That's right. Andy Oliver, who struggled in his start over the weekend is back in the Minors. Wilk stays up and Purcey comes back.

Alrighty then. So who is Adam Wilk? He was an 11th round pick of the Tigers in 2009 and has been a starter in the system and was 4-4 with a 3.54 ERA this year in AAA. He is a product of Long Beach State. After getting the call a few weeks ago he was immediately thrown into the fire with the big boys and did well. Needing a player to eat some innings he chewed up 3.2 in a relief role, allowing 2H, 1R (0 Earned), and notching 4 strikeouts. After demotion #1 he went seven strong, while allowing only 1ER along with 5H and 2BB.

Since his second call up to the show he has excelled at keeping bullpen seats warm. Whether he pitches again prior to his impending re-demotion remains to be seen.

Get that man a baseball card? Why, no need! He was featured as a prospect in 2010 Bowman, making it one of the very few times that a player listed on a Bowman card actually makes it into the majors (not to mention the next year!)