Grand Cards: Pennant Race = Cards In Newspapers!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pennant Race = Cards In Newspapers!

Well, the Detroit Newspapers at least. Friend of the blog Drizz, who also happens to run an extremely enjoyable blog about everybody's favorite 90's slugger with Totally Cecil--The Cecil Fielder Card Of The (every other) Day or, TCTCFCOT(EO)D as I like to call it, alerted me to new Tigers cards that would be inserted in the Detroit Papers every Tuesday, starting, well, yesterday. Day 1 was Curtis Granderson in the News and Justin Verlander in the Free Press. I'm going to make you click the link to see them, because you should really check out his blog anyway.

With this campaign in full swing, I was reminded of the time the papers last pulled this stunt--during the 2006 World Series run. Of course, I wasn't aware of it at the time, and didn't realize that the cards were 5x7 until I had them in hand, but I do, in fact, have the two Granderson cards from that year, his first full season in the majors. Strangely, I haven't shown them off on here yet, despite the fact that I've had them for at least 6 months. I think that I was trying to figure out what to do with them, or waiting for the right moment to arrive. I'm still not sure about how to store/display them, but I'd consider the moment here.

From the Detroit News:
2006 Detroit News Curtis Granderson

And the Free Press:
2006 Detroit Free Press Curtis Granderson

Now, I must say that these are pretty good offerings by the newspapers, although they fall short of the 2009 Detroit News set, in my opinion. Still, action shot from the Free Press is a nice one and I like the News close up as well. In fact, these are just the type of oddball cards that I tend to love, and I'm only put off by their abnormally large size. If they had an insert sheet of maybe 2 or 4 players with perforated edges or something--like old SI for Kids cards, or even non-perforated like a Box Bottom, then these would be absolutely killer. Call me a slave for conformity (or just someone who has certain OCD tendencies), but that would make me a happy man. As it stands instead, I've got two cool, unique pieces--and hopefully two more for 2009 once the full sets are released!

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  1. great action shot on that free press card. newspapers probably have tons of great stock photos 'cuz the photogs are at every game taking lots of pictures...

    ...and thanks for the kind words about the blog :)!