Grand Cards: Panic In Detroit

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Panic In Detroit

Yes, I'm listening to David Bowie, but that's not what's making me all panicky, the Tigers are doing a good enough job of that on their own. The Tigers only have to play one more game in the Metrodome EVER. Thank the good lord. However, does any Tigers fan feel anything but impending doom? I'm holding the faith, but it is ever so tenuous. Suffice to say, we need these guys to take matters into their own hands, end of story.

2008 Sweet Spot #QS-OCVG Ordonez/Cabrera/Verlander/Granderson

Actually, Verlander has been doing everything that he can (his line yesterday is not indicative of his otherwise solid performance). So he's off the hook (although if he wants to throw like, three no hitters in his next three starts, that would be cool). Guillen, you can take his spot.

2009 A Piece Of History #FM-OCGG Ordonez/Cabrera/Guillen/Granderson

Do it. Do it now.

These are some new multi-player cards that are pretty snazzy (especially the "Franchise Members" card) but I couldn't be more disgusted with the Tigers' offense over the past week, so I'm throwing these up here as a motivational tool. Hey, it's worked in the past.


  1. Those are some really sweet cards. Matches the sweet series. ;)

    Verlander had a great game, he just didn't get removed when he should have been.

  2. let's just hope we make it through this washburn/huff disaster.