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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Curtis Granderson: Avid Grand Cards Reader


How else do you explain this:

Yesterday, I blogged about Curtis being close but no cigar to a deserving appearance on the AL All Star Team. Last night, he responded by going 3-for-4 with 2 Home Runs, a Walk and a Stolen Base

But that's not all!

A number of weeks ago, when weekly fantasy baseball wraps were still on the docket, Curtis received the "No Thanks To" callout for being a pathetic drag on my team.

A few days later, he responded with a 2 Home Run Game. And finished the week winning my fantasy Gold Star.

This is no coincidence! The only logical explanation is that Curtis is embarrassed by the occasional public shaming on this here site and can't stand the thought of disappointing his legions of fans.

For this, Grand Cards nation thanks you.


  1. Logical explanation #2: You can control Granderson telepathically through your blog.

    What? That's not logical?

  2. I also contacted Mr. Granderson (with my mind!) to ensure that he would strike out to end the game and preserve a Cardinals victory.