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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This Just In: Mythical Jersey Card Found!

Some time ago, 2008 Upper Deck First Edition received the "Ultimate Checklist" treatment. In that post, I made the following assertion:
Granderson has that card, a green version of a starquest card and the mythical game used card (#FECG) numbered to 750 that I have never seen nor heard of anyone having. I wouldn't be surprised if that card was announced and never released, but still made its way onto beckett by error.

I made reference to it again when talking about a similarly mythical relic card in 2008 UD Timeline.
This time The Hamiltonian chimed in with some insight:
The Timeline relic card probably does exist. They weren't available in hobby boxes, but were seeded one per blaster box. I have only seen one copy of the Hamilton relic card from the set, but they are out there.

Its a lightly broken product, coupled with being only available in retail, making it very painful for to find the one you need. :(

Seeing as how she is wise in the ways of player collecting, I figured she was probably right. Of course, I used the same logic on the First Edition card and have kept my eyes peeled for an appearance of a card that was not really broken heavily, had a stronger retail presence than hobby and doesn't have particularly good odds for pulling relics etc., given its low price point. After a few months, this little number popped up on eBay, into our hearts and finally, into my home.
2008 Upper Deck First Edition #UDFE-CG Curtis Granderson Jersey

For what its worth, the print run of 750 was listed on Beckett, and may very well be an announced print run, but the card is not serial numbered. I also tend to really like Upper Deck's relic cards. We've got a large, full-bleed photograph of Granderson with a new picture, and a simple, basic design. Sure the gigantic "UD" isn't elegant, but I like a little shape to my swatches instead of just a square, don't you?

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  1. that ud card is nice... unlike topps who totally wore out that relic/game-used pic this year... even on that killer quad relic!