Grand Cards: Knocked Out: 2009 Topps Throwbacks (Series 1)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Knocked Out: 2009 Topps Throwbacks (Series 1)

I've always had a distaste for buying single cards through the internet--rarely could I envision a scenario where a single card was so crucial that I would spend an inordinate amount on shipping to get it. Fancy cards, like Autos and the like, were generally exempt from this rule, but regular base cards were not. However, when a single seller on Sportlots has the last three cards that you need for pennies on the dollar and shipping for about a buck, you tend to listen.

Because of a woeful Group Break (Tiger-wise) a few months ago, I fell far short of a Tigers complete set for Series 1 throwbacks. Some trades and generous bloggers inched me closer, but I was still three cards short. Not anymore:

You can't really ask for a more star-studded group than that. Verlander has been pitching like a Cy Young candidate, and the other two are of rock-star Miguel Cabrera and the rest of last year's league leaders in Home Runs and RBIs. With these, I am done with Series 1 and anxiously await the release of Series 2 blasters so that I can go at it again.

Speaking of which, we will be doing a little Group Break around here, just like we did last time, to help the team collectors complete their sets without having to go Blaster-mad. Sign Up Here to claim your team--blasters will be on the shelves before you know it! We still need at least three more teams to make this thing go forwards, so read the details and get on board!

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