Grand Cards: Topps Series 2 Walmart & Target Retail Parallel Group Breaks Are Coming!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Topps Series 2 Walmart & Target Retail Parallel Group Breaks Are Coming!

That is one mouthful of a title.

Once upon a time, Walmart and Target decided to sell parallel sets (in "Black" and "Throwback/Retro" flavors) in secret blasters denoted by a serial number. With Series 2 having unofficially found its way to shelves last week, we can only assume that Target and Walmart will continue their parallel retail sets and I, for one, want to get my hands on those Tigers.

So, let's do this thing again! Just like last time, I will hold group breaks right here for the Walmart and Target Parallel Blasters. There will be separate breaks for each set, at a price of $6 per team, including shipping. Like last time, we will need 14 teams to be chosen for the break to go forward and 3 blasters will be broken of each set. I am announcing this now so that people have more than a 3-day window to get a team's claim in.

Now, there is the off-chance that I will be able to get a 4th blaster of each set, which would be downright wonderful. If that is the case the fee would increase to $7.50 per team to cover the cost of that 4th box. Of course, all of this is contingent on my actually finding the cards, which was quite the challenge last time (at least now I know where to go, hopefully), and the fact that these blasters exist for Series 2 and that the serial numbers are again made available so that we can distinguish them from regular blasters.

Starting now, consider this post the official team-claiming page for these Group Breaks. In the comments section, please indicate the team(s) you would like to claim and which breaks (Walmart, Target, Both) you would like to participate in. You do not need to pay yet. I will provide updates as necessary as details become clear. You do not need a blog to participate, but if I haven't dealt with you before advance payment/deposit may be required (TBD) I'll get things started:

Grand Cards: Tigers--Both
Greg (Lake Effect Cards): Cubs--Both
Night Owl: Dodgers--Both
Adam E (Thoughts & Sox): Red Sox--Both
Tim Rooks: Dbacks--Both
Baseball Dad (All Tribe Baseball): Indians--Both
RWH (I Heart Halos): Angels--Both
Doubleplay (Blue Jays Cards) Blue Jays--Both
Wicked Orteaga: Marlins--Both
Flash: Yankees--Both
Dan (The Other World): Phillies--Both
--David (Tribe Cards): Mets--Both
--David (Tribe Cards): Random Team #1--Both
Jonathan (NatsTown): Nationals--Both


  1. I'll take the Cubs in both breaks. And if no one takes the Royals, I'll trade for any Series 2 Alex Gordons you happen to pull.

  2. Dodgers for both breaks. Good luck. I never found any of the black cards at my Wal-Marts.

  3. I'll take Red Sox for both.

    If you have trouble finding The black WM version let me know because my WM didn't get any regular series one all they got was black.

  4. I'll take DBacks for both.

    All my Wal-Mart has had for the past couple months is black.

  5. I'm back for both for the tribe again !

  6. i'll take the marlins for both!

  7. I'm interested in the Yankees for both.

  8. I'd like to take the Phillies for both! Thanks!

  9. Give me Mets for both, if they're still open. And, heck, you pick any other team randomly and assign both types to me for that team as well. Let's see what happens!